An Email correspondance with the people from “Dakar Arts Festival”

Posted on October 18, 2010

This Mister Ibrahima Diallo sounds like a nice guy... but why so complicated? well... I do what I can to make a good job :|

October 18 2010:
From: Mister Ibrahima Diallo
To: Toni Alm

Dear Mister Toni
Thank you for interesting to the festival and to our country please send us thos informations ,the parcel weight, your complet adress,.
SDS-SAS-SENEGAL ,it is the Office of the Customs and clearances office of the post .
after received it we will give you the process for send the artwork by DHL .
Waiting for your reply before start the process for send your artwork by DHL and make the INSURANCES AND WARRANTIES of them in our country for all the time of the festival .
Kinds regards
Mister Diallo Ibrahima